Resilience pays off for Yunus

May 12, 2022 | News

Yunus Esakjee
Despite receiving two engineering apprenticeship job offers, only for them to be withdrawn when the Covid pandemic hit, Yunus Esakjee was determined to stick with his preferred industry choice and training route.

His resilience has paid off as he is now thriving in his role as a technician with designer/manufacturers, Canterbury Tools.

As the very first apprentice taken on by the Walsall Wood-based company, he works primarily as a CNC machinist. By spending time in other areas of the press tool-making business, Yunus has also further developed his interest in design, something that first began as a GCSE product design student.

“Engineers now get to experience so many things and think things through in different ways,” said Yunus.

“Canterbury Tools support me with this. They’ve encouraged me to find out where my strengths lie and how I can bring out the best in myself.

“Having worked across Canterbury Tools’ business operations such as the shop floor and shadowing the company director, I know I absolutely love design, programming and machining. This is the direction I want my career to take.”

While the Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship Standard that Yunus is studying at Walsall College has a strong focus on the hands-on, practical nature of the industry, it does also provide opportunities for apprentices to explore engineering communications for both technical and non-technical information as well as safe systems of working.

Yunus feels confident these additional skills, combined with his workplace experiences will leave him in a strong position to continue working in technical design and programming.

“I’m definitely glad I held out for an engineering apprenticeship, even after two of my job offers fell through,” said Yunus.

“I think if you want to do something badly enough but there are obstacles in your way then you have to keep believing in yourself and do everything you can to make things work for you.”

He added: “There’s a real sense of pride in knowing I’ve solved problems at work and got things done by myself. And when customers come in to review or collect their orders, I can step back and think ‘I’m the one that’s made this happen’.”

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